How to Setup & Use IAP Cracker on iOS 11/11.2? Tutorial

We all love playing games. There are many games for IOS users. But some of them have in-app purchases and you need to spend some money to get those features. There are apps available to bypass in-app purchases. Are you looking for an app that can bypass in-app purchase? IAP cracker is an excellent app that enables you to get any in-app purchase for free. This app will not let you to download apps for free but gives you access to premium in-app purchases. IAP cracker is a free app you can get on your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

One important point to note while using this app is that you need to jailbreak your IOS device.  Before jailbreaking your device keep in mind that there will be many dangers like losing phone warranty and instability. But if you can jailbreak your device you will get full freedom with your device. Jailbreaking allows IOS users to download as many apps as possible from external sources without any restriction. The choice is yours. If you want to get this freedom to jailbreak your device and use IAP cracker so that you can save some money too. Also download & install vShare for iOS, Android & PC.

How to Setup & Use IAP Cracker on iOS 11/11.2 – Tutorial 2018

Benefits of using IAP cracker IOS

  • IAP cracker is a free app you can get to hack in-app purchase. This app supports almost all games with in-app purchases. You can check the games IAP cracker supports and if it is useful then you can download the app for free.
  • While using this app you will get unlimited gems, coins, and life without spending a single penny. This will help you to complete all levels of the game easily for free. If you play any game it will take a lot of time to complete the game.
  • This will not work if your IOS device is connected to Apple sever. IAP cracker is not available to download from app store. So, you need to jailbreak your device to use this app. The app is designed to work well with almost all versions of IOS device.
  • Advertisements are always an interference while playing any game. So, you can get rid of those annoying advertisement if you can download this app on your IOS device.
  • This is a complete guide that helps you to know the steps to download the app and use it. Anyone can use this app without too much technical knowledge. So, anyone who wants to enjoy their game without any in-app purchase can use IAP cracker on their device. Here are the detailed steps by following which you can download the app on your device.

How to download IAP cracker on IOS device

IAP Cracker
IAP Cracker

The app is not available to download from app store. For that, you should get Cydia app on your device. If Cydia app is there on your device then no need to jailbreak your device to use this app. Make sure to have enough space to download this app and also update your software to the latest version. So, these are the essential requirements your device should have before downloading this app. And as you all know a strong internet connection is a must. Here are the steps to download IAP cracker on your IOS device. Youu can also try iOS emulator from here.

  • Open Cydia app on your IOS device and on search tab type the app name on it
  • Now you can see the result and download IAP cracker for IOS device
  • After downloading the app install it on your device.

Sometimes it is not easy to find the app from Cydia search. If you got the app immediately then you are lucky. If you cannot find the app then you have to follow the below step

  • Open Cydia app on your device
  • Find Manage option on the app and click on it
  • There you can see ‘Source’ option and there ‘Edit’ and click on ‘Add’ option
  • There add
  • After that go to the homepage and search for IAP cracker or IAP Patcher
  • You can download the app and install it now

That’ how you can download the app on your device. If the 1st method is not working you can follow the 2nd method. That will help you for sure.

If you want to use the app on your device you need an additional app called AppSync. You can search it on Cydia itself and install it on your device. This app helps your device to make believe that IAP cracker is genuine. If your device cannot trust the app IAP cracker will not work. So, get AppSync with IAP cracker and enjoy the unlimited in-app purchase.

How to use IAP cracker on IOS?

  1. Open IAP cracker on your IOS device
  2. Select the game or app where you want to get in-app purchase for free
  3. Now, you will be redirected to confirmation page rather than payment page
  4. If it redirects to payment page then it means that IAP cracker is not working properly or you have not installed AppSync. Both are mandatory if you want to use IAPcracker properly. Try restarting your device to make IAP cracker work.

Simple, right? So, get ready to explore more features from IAP cracker app. if it is not working on your device you can try alternatives to this app like IAPFree, Local IAP store or IAP crazy etc. You can also try them. They also will have the same features like the IAP cracker app. To download any of them, the Cydia app is a must.

Final words

Have you used any apps like IAP cracker on your device? If not, try this and enjoy unlimited features this app can provide. This app supports any number of apps and games. It works on all IOS versions and easily helps you to bypass all your in-app purchase for free. The app is free to download and won’t damage your device in any way. So, get this safe app and play your game without any interruption. No need to register your account anywhere to use this app. Get the latest version and have fun.